ED/UKIP in local elections: pointless or useful to split vote?

Nationally UKIP claimed they had done well despite not gaining any seats and the BNP EDL English Democrats fielded 101 candidates. Now it could be argued that if the ED and UKIP stand against each other then they help split the Tory vote (possibly Labour too?) However they can also take some of the ‘protest vote’. Is there any difference between the ED and UKIP? Both want to

A)Stop and reduce immigration

B)Stop the human rights court and/or political correctness

C)’tough on crime’  (but not the causes)

D)Both want to leave the EU.

However how does D work in local elections? Can Edlington and Warmworths or Bullwell Forest declare independence from the EU?

Bizarrely if you read the online manifestos of both you are left with the impression that the ED is left of UKIP. However if you have met any ED candidate you will appreciate the opposite is true, I can vouch for the ‘thugs in suits’ impression. The ED manifesto does contain the classic lines:

“The people of England are all those UK citizens who live in England.”

“We reject the self-righteousness of political correctness and condemn the ideology as an evil.”   

(see Stewart Lee)

I suppose the ED could be in the tradition of national socialism. Here is some of their literature:

whos up for bringing back hanging?

Clearly the left can be divided but perhaps the right is.


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