Capitalism: Don’t you just love it?

Buy, buy, buy, BUY NOW!

Recently these adverts have begun to really annoy me. You may remember those awful adverts in the 1990s with lightning hitting teeth as if painful gums would suddenly hit you without warming. These adverts were frightening as a child and along with my parents ensured I brushed well. However as soon as I saw a photo at from the dentist of overbrushed teeth and gum problem I began to moderate my brushing.

The dental industry produces horrible advertising in an effort to scare you.Would it encourage you eat more fruit?, drink more water? Quickly brush after a sweet food? eat less sweet things?    Would it ****!  there is no money in preventative care. These adverts really annoy me as

1)They suggest that if you had a serious disease eg. TB/consumption that its only gum disease!

2)They completely miss the point of the seriously endangered NHS dentist

3)That someone how they are doing it for the greater good. “campaign for healthly gums” More like campaign for extra profit margins!

4)That their mouthwash/antiseptic will somehow prevent this. Again see this article


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