RCN conference Harrogate

A few of us made it over to Harrogate to hold the banner over lunchtime outside the Royal College of Nurses conference. We were too few to cover each entrance and find Andrew Lansley (I have a burning ambition to shout and argue; to annoy him even a fraction as much as the millions who hate him). A fair few left early to miss his speech. A number acknowledged us and we were told his speech was “utter shite” and he was a “lying shit”.  And at the conference he was laughed at.   All NHS staff are scared about their jobs and cannot strike as people would die. Scared of losing their jobs they are afraid to protest. We have to show it is not over and we have to fight this privatisation.

People before profit. I want a joined up accountable health service not a hundreds of squabbling companies. As I lay on my deathbed I do not want to know that someone is profiting from my misery (medical research companies excepting).

The health and social bill could have prepared for an aging population, asked front line staff how to improve the service and prepared for the role of genetic testing within the NHS. In the end the bill was simply about money. The NHS is tired of top down re-organisation.

I encourage any whistleblowers to leak information to any of the many groups against the bill.



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