Climate Caravan

You may have been one of the many people to meet the ‘climate caravan’, which turned out to be a low emission van. The van is on a 2500 mile tour of the UK They want to encourage trade unions and people to pressure the council/government for climate jobs. These could really help

1)Reduce Unemployment

2)Reduce fuel poverty (and help do up houses + reduce fuel bills)

3)Reduce reliance on energy imports

4)Stave off the effects of ‘peak oil’

5)Bring communities together

6)Fight against climate change.

Of course the elephant in the room is consumption. It is believed that our CO2 emissions haven’t actually reduced since 1990, once you factor in our consumption from overseas polluting industry However the van is setting out to highlight how even with capitalism there is something we can do. I will save the debate about the system for another day.

Provisionally the climate caravan has  a petition stating:

-making new and existing buildings energy efficient

-expanding and integrating low-fare public transport

-creating research and manufacturing for energy generation from renewable sources

-enabling a switch to local ecological food production

-offering free programmes of training in Green Skills

Good luck to the caravan and it looks like the socialists and trade unionists are becoming ecosocialists and green : )

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