Labour party: creepy?

Millibot / Roboband

Yesterday Labour crept back, and announced they had created a new website for NHS staff to say what sort of NHS they wanted. Of course everyone knows this is so they can use any whistleblowers for their own party gain.

Here is what their website states on the front page:

No mention of Labour privatisation, no alternative budget to the cuts, no direction. Do they really think Labour is in touch?      Creepy Labour are back.

And yet “Labour Left” does exist. The fact Labour Left exists shows how right the main party has moved. Labour left are the only group who openly apologise for the NHS privatisation by New Labour. And even we have to respect that Dr Éoin Clarke has put in a lot of work. Unfortunately there is still a lot of deadwood in the Labour party…. and the lack of any credible alternative to austerity.


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