The government epetition website: utterly pointless

In 2011 the government unveiled an official epetition website. It was suggested that any petition with 100 000 or more signatures would be debated in parliament. In reality the government simply ignores the petition or makes a vague reply. Here is the pathetic government reply to a petition against the Health & Social bill:

So why did the government create it?  good question.

Is it to waste our time and divert us from been on the street and shouting at our MP?  Have the names been added to a MI5/MI6 list? Especially when a number of the petitions want to radically change the law.  Unless they pick the 1% of reasonable suggestions and quietly use them for their own gain?

I generally found that the first few pages don’t have too many nutty suggestions but after that it is mixture of the good, bad and ugly. See my next post for my top nutty petitions. There are a number of petitions that want to bring back hanging or borderline racist.

The top part of the table is for closed petitions over 100000 and the bottom half is for those still open. It is still depressing that the highest petition is to remove benefits from convicted rioters. I could say thankfully the government ignored this petition; but they are still intent on destroying the welfare state/increase the gap between rich and poor.

I recommend 38degrees and Avaaz



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