Chemtrails: ‘keep calm and carry on’ chemicals?


I initially ignored this as it seemed to be an American issue but the nutty conspiracy theory has also spread here. I cannot understand why you would believe the government are spraying us with keep calm and carry on‘ chemicals from a variety of airlines. Besides wouldn’t they want a ‘buy more’ chemical?

There is some debate whether global warming will increase the size of trails and if  contrails affect climate change. Shortly after the September 2011 New York twin tower chaos all flights were grounded. There is tentative evidence that the contrails may have a limited cooling effect but note this does not make plane flight carbon neutral by any stretch of science!

I don’t mind if you have concerns over the air we breath or you don’t like the idea of controlling our weather but what annoys me about the chemtrail conspiracy theory is this: We have hundreds of problems, we don’t need to invent new fake ones! Lets run down 15 problems that you could worry about instead!

1)GM crops, there is often no evidence which proves what impact the spreading of these modified genes will have. Until this transgenic pollen is proven 100% to be safe we should not use GM crops. If you can design it without pollen then ask me again.

2)Climate change; do I really need to explain this one?

3)Particulate Matter (PM) from cars and industry. Proven to reduce life expectancy in several European and UK cities.

4)Gap between rich and poor; do I really need to explain this one?

5)Water shortages in certain parts of the world.

6)Leachates from landfill sites or incinerator emissions.

7)Animal testing of cosmetics.

8)The privatisation of our welfare state.

9)The first past the post system. Surely AV, STV or PR would be better?

10)Nuclear weapons or power.

11)STDs such as Aids…

12)The Israeli occupation of Palestine

13)Land grabbing/certain biofuels. Potentially rob locals of food or development

14)unfair trade, support fairtrade

15)The amount of money spent on millitary, more than enough to feed hungry.


So the next time someone mentions chemtrails; ask them this: HAVEN’T YOU GOT SOMETHING ELSE BETTER TO WORRY ABOUT?


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