Leeds UKuncut party stopped but forced to party on Monday 4th June Hyde Park, Leeds

A few of you might have made it to a Ukuncut party, maybe even the MP. In Leeds the party was cancelled by the police. The party (also see) was planned near Hyde Park,  in a small mostly student ‘back to back’ cul de sac. However allegedly police had knocked on their door earlier threatening to arrest them under a ‘public disorder act’. Because they had created the facebook event they were regarded as the ‘organiser’. On facebook 240 people planned to attend, 87 maybes and another 826! people were invited.

It seems we are now forced to party on Monday 4th June as decreed by the state

Join us for a forced cheers and we might be allowed to eat cake


Monday, 4 June 2012
13:00 until 14:30

At the Robert Peel Statue, Hyde Park, Leeds 6

As part of the new citizenship law (white paper being finalised by corporate lobbyists) you are hereby ordered to be seen on film to celebrate the eve of our Queen’s anniversary of her 60th year in her luxurious vocation or face a sentence of 3 months in Tescos’ Prison. This co-incides with the jubilee concert, which we have identified that you cannot watch as you cannot afford TV.
It is vital to UKplc that we prove to potential overseas investors that everyone believes we are in it together, therefore your celebration must be filmed as our CCTV might miss an inch.

You are required to provide/do the following as a minimum – even if this requires begging, stealing, borrowing or rummaging through bins:-
* small union jacks for waving – must be enthusiastically
* red, white & blue bunting – for pointing at and oozing pride
* branded alcohol containers containing appropriately coloured alcohol-free liquid – for toasting Her health
* branded pre-prepared party food packaging – for offering to food bank
* high quality filming – including short interviews

2 of us will be there in our helmets of power encouraging you when needed.

Music is allowed, but must reflect the ideals of the jubilee concert where Sir Elton John, Shirley Bassey and Cliff Richard will be enjoyed by all.

In the unlikely event that any of you have held on to your public sector job you must display the sponsor’s logo.

We will not accept any defence for not taking part and the DWP will transport you if necessary in vehicles sponsored by G4S.

It is your duty to help organise this and the Home Office will be monitoring the SHUT DOWN event to ensure that everyone participates fully.

Filming to commence at 14hundred hours in front of the Victoria Statue. You have an hour’s practice beforehand to get it right.


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