PAFRAS fundraiser

I recently went to a well attended gig in aid of PAFRAS – Positive Action for Refugees & Asylum Seeker   in Leeds. They raised several hundred pounds. All of the acts were excellent and I particularly enjoyed Biscuit Head & the Biscuit Badgers and La La & the Boo Yaa. A memorable song was Stanley King by LL&BY. It recounts a 2007 letter by ex Bradford councillor Stanley King stating his objections to a children’s Madrasah extending its hours from 7.30 to 10.30pm. He further suggested that they were up to no good!

Of course during the evening there was no mention of UK migration policy. This tends to divide people metaphorically and in reality. I personally would love to know how many people in the UK support the idea of No Borders. For more information see “No One is Illegal”

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