Labour is Centre-Left?, thats news to me.

I saw the below article I felt I had to comment.

Nothing on inequality, nothing on the gap between rich and poor, nothing about environment, land or that prevention is often better than cure. 25000 houses, is that it? What about the c. 1M empty ones? How are you going to encourage the idea that housing is for living not an ‘asset’? And I bet he advocates PFI! He borrowed ‘predistribution’ from an American friend, great, what with America having the largest gap between rich and poor in ‘developed’ world. Centre-Left? that’s far too complimentary.

I really hope we aren’t heading towards the US model in which the Democrats and Republicans are increasingly similar. Mind you, our education, health and welfare state is following the US model. Why not go the whole hog and beat the US in been the most unequal ‘developed’ country in the world?


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