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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections: How to spoil?

On November 15th the UK will for the first time have elections for Police and Crime commissioners‘. I have yet to meet anyone who supports these elections and many have little idea what the post means.

But it gets better. The deposit for each candidate is £5000! (for reference the average wage is below £25000 and even this distorted by the presence of the super rich) The vast majority of candidates are from political parties and politicians should not be running police budgets.

There are 41 positions in England & Wales costing £3055000 (not including business expenses)

Police Commissioner wages but not including any extra business expenses.

So what can I do?

1)Spoil your vote with “no to police commissioner, yes to democracy’

2)Spoil your ballot card and post the photo online

3)Send your postal vote/ballot to a suitable MP

4)Join the facebook group 

5)Retweet the above facebook group or suitable article with hashtags #spoilpoliceballot #PCC

To find out more about spoiling your ballot paper see here: