Leeds Against the Cuts


Find the event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/381359188615476/

Draft timetable

11.30-13.00 Speakers: Richard Wilkinson of  the ‘Spirit Level’ and two Hull councillors from labourcouncillorsagainstcuts.org  (councillorsagainstcuts is a website for Labour party councillors only,other parties are not yet allowed)

13.00-14.o0: 1hr networking lunch, groups are allowed stalls in main hall. First come, first served, bring your paste tables!

14.00-15.00 ish: 4 workshops on NHS, Housing, Education and Welfare:

Housing: Speakers include John Davies of ‘Hands off our Homes’.
Education: Speakers include Patrick Murphy (NUT)…..possibly NASWUT rep and a student campaigner.
NHS: Speakers include John Puntis of ‘Leeds Keep Our NHS Public’ and Adrian O’ Malley who has been involved with mid-yorkshire NHS strike.
Welfare: Speakers include Disabled People Against Cuts, a researcher in benefits + others

15.00- 17.00 ish: Plenary: Speaker from mid Yorkshire NHS strike followed by ideas from workshops. Current ideas include:

-Leeds council budget lobby 27th February
-G8 protests
-General Strike
-European wide strike on March
-York NHS demo April 6th
-Stalls by Hands off Our Homes
-Leeds KONP protests outside Virgin Media (Virgin/Assura actively buying up NHS)
-And your ideas!!!



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